Why be a Member

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Worldwide network of professionals specialized in prior judicial

Become a member and receive the following benefits:

  • Worldwide professional network of debt collectors, covering more than 50 countries. The members have long, solid experiences within debt collection.
  • LIC provides expertise in the legal systems, rules of enforcement, customs and practices in our member countries, eliminating risk and creating a level playing field upon which to trade
  • Offering both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer/Individuals (B2C)
  • LIC members are experts in the language and cultures of their respective countries
  • LIC members can help you find acceptable solutions, even in disputed files and offer you full cost control. Never start any legal action without permission from the principal in beforehand
  • Offering fixed / discounted prices – You do not need to spend time and effort to negotiate prices
  • New members are welcomed and allowed to:
    • Send out a short company presentation, presenting their services for all the members
    • Present their company / services on the first general Assembly for all the delegates
  • League International for Creditors was founded for more than 50 years ago and all members are approved by the LIC Board. To be a member you need good references and a healthy economy
  • General Assembly every year – come and meet your colleagues
    • Lectures within our exciting field (Internal and external)
    • New members presentation
    • Knowledge about different countries framework
    • Information about important new regulations, directive proposals that may affect our debt collection industry
    • Great and beneficial days along with other members
    • Wonderful General assembly with good humor and nice dinners
  • LIC help your customer to minimize their losses to a competitive price
  • We try to get the costs paid by debtor and claim interest from due date until the debt is paid in accordance with local laws and regulations
  • Recruiting new members gives a discount on the already relatively low membership fee
  • LIC membership will normally also increase the number of files you get against debtors in your home country. Especially if you offer good fixed conditions.
  • Other services many of the LIC members offer:
    • Legal and extra judicial assistance – access to extensive resources
    • Visiting debtors, Call center, Credit information, Asset search, Address search, etc.
  • LIC website with news and member register. Possibility to share information, from a marketing point of view, in relation to each members professional activity Regular articles and information of interest for our members.

League International for Creditors (LIC) is a worldwide network of professional debt collectors offering their best services and fixed prices.

If you would like to apply for membership, please download this application and send it to licgensec@gmail.com

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LIC Product sheet August 2018