The leading Estonian debt collection company Julianus Inkasso acquired on 12.08.2019 100% of the shares of a competing collection company Lowell Eesti AS (formerly Lindorff Eesti AS). Business combination allow you to provide better service to our customers.

“The collection business is a business of applying volumes and different experiences,” said Ülar Maapalu, Chairman of the Management Board of Julianus Inkasso OÜ. “Julianus Inkasso has achieved a significant volume today, and we are pleased to include Lowell Estonia’s experience in process management and provide our clients with an even more efficient credit management service. We have been seriously developing our IT capabilities in recent years, and we hope to achieve strong synergies that will make our work more efficient in different claims. ”

“As a result of the transaction, we will acquire over 60,000 new active debt claims, and as a result, Julianus will have the largest debtors database in Estonia,” Maapalu noted. “An advanced database enables you to make the most accurate and fair decisions about payment solutions and to work with our customers and debtors.”

Lowell Group acquired Lindorff Eesti AS in Estonia in 2016 and has decided to leave the Estonian market by today,” said Petri Koivunen, CEO of Lowell Eesti AS. “The transaction allows us to focus on the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish markets. We are pleased to sell our Estonian business unit to the Estonian market leader.

Lowell Eesti AS also has a long, 22-year history and is one of the leading collection companies in Estonia. Lowell had in Estonia a turnover of EUR 1.77 million in 2018 and employs 19 people. The turnover of OÜ Julianus Inkasso in 2018 was 2.47 million and the company employs 33 people in Estonia.

Following the transaction, Julianus Inkasso OÜ and Lowell Eesti AS will merge and the business name of the company will be Julianus Inkasso OÜ.

Julianus Inkasso OÜ ( has been operating since 1995 and is a leading Estonian credit management company with subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania.

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