History of LIC:

LIC – League International for Creditors­­­, was founded in March 1962 in Germany. Its founders were collection agencies in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Its first president, and founding member, was Dr . G. Rieber of LIC Deutschland. In 1963 Great Britain and the Netherlands joined as members.

Initially, for the first 25 years of its existence, membership of LIC was restricted to one collection agency from each country. In 1987 this restriction was changed and membership of LIC was opened to more than one member per country.

At the time of its founding in 1962 Europe was a very different place compared with what it is today. Indeed, operating an international collection business was technically much more difficult. There were, of course, many currencies and there were very strict borders and frontiers. The English language was not as much used or understood. Telecommunication was much less developed. Even telephoning a correspondent in another country was not simple. Indeed, international commercial relationships were much more difficult. However, with the ingenuity and inventiveness of the LIC members, the Association developed close business and social relationships with members in other jurisdictions. This was particularly important where late payment difficulties with an international element had to be resolved. Such relationships, combined with professionalism, helped LIC become a competent, cross border Association.

The relationships were enhanced and developed particularly by holding the Annual General Meetings of the Association in a different European country every year and, of course, this greatly enhanced the social relationships between members.

In 1992 LIC, representing the collection industry, developed a close cooperation with the European Commission. Such cooperation was important in the formalisation of subsequent Directives concerning interest penalties and late payments.

The LIC Association will soon be approaching its 60th anniversary and from a historical perspective its development and the commercial difficulties which it has encountered and resolved, closely mirror the commercial development of post war Europe.

However, even though LIC was founded and operated within European boundaries initially, for many years now it has operated internationally and has members in all continents. Its members are confidential partners with embassies, consulates and international banks. Over half a century of experience and cooperation have moulded the LIC Association into what it is today, a vibrant Association of cohesive and highly motivated experts who deal with approximately 200,000 exporters all over the world who entrust their collection cases, credit reporting needs and legal assistance matters to members for processing.

LIC is a German registered company and subject to the provisions of the laws of Germany. For many years after its foundation the General Secretariat of LIC was located in Köln Germany. Subsequently it was located for 15 years in Zurich, Switzerland and since 2014 has been situated in Oslo, Norway.